• Josh Harris

Do The Right Thing (1989)

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Defying normalised ideas of the ‘heroic’ character, Do The Right Thing dissects the lives of a multi-cultural community on a single street in Brooklyn. Its characters, everyone of them conflicting, display moments of ‘saving the cat’ (becoming likeable in the eyes of the audience) and equally are shown in antagonistic instances, which resultantly lifts the complexity of humanity to the forefront of its storytelling. Three dimensional characters make controversial choices that invite the viewer to contemplate the reasoning behind them, cleverly positioning its audience in a variety of multi-cultural subjectivities unheard or seen on a movie screen before it’s time. Its liberal use of dutch angles early on in the film ultimately sets up a stylistic platform on which to deliver its latter climatic moments that reflect the un-ease, and instability of the conflict within the community.


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