• Josh Harris

Funny Ha Ha (2002)

Viewing Jan '19 ///

Bringing in the new year gently, Mubi offered me Funny Ha Ha, Andrew Bujalski’s debut. After watching the gut wrenchingly awkward, but down right hilarious Computer Chess, I could not say no. This film is one big awkward conversation, but unlike all of the characters, the film itself did not apologise for doing this. Instead, at-times the mumblecore dialogue almost becomes hypnotic and catches you off guard with an unexpected action - the result of this, depends on how deeply you empathise with the social anxiety of the characters - some people will find this deeply disturbing, but others will be laughing for days. A special mention to Myles Paige who is effortlessly hilarious in both this and Computer Chess as supporting characters, and is actually a real-estate agent, totally unknown in the acting world.


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