• Josh Harris

mid90s (2018)

Viewing Jan '19 ///

Jonah Hill manages to break out stellar performances from all of the extremely talented young cast, in this intimate look on a subculture that has never been so sensitively approached. If only the rest of Hollywood could learn this perfect lessen in restraint that Hill has delivered with this film, at only 89 minutes I was truly left wanting more, to see all of the characters grow up and what they become, that certainly is a feeling that will last in my mind for months to come. I think this is really where the film has excelled, not simply being a coming of age story and seeing this boy grow up, but dissecting the real friendships of a troubled young character that is in his most impressionable stage of his life. Not to mention a hugely poignant ending that truthfully delivers the exclamation point on the theme of the film.


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