• Josh Harris

The Fly (1958)

Viewing & Review ~ March '19 ///

I am currently researching for a music video for the artist Raffles, whose song Catching Flies caught my attention. I immediately thought that their dream-like, snoozy sound would juxtapose nicely against a homage to the The Fly. However, my initial thoughts were concerning Cronenberg’s 1986 body horror spectacle, I felt I needed to delve even deeper into the history of The Fly to draw inspiration. Initially watching the trailer on youtube ( ) I was intrigued by the strong, ominous tone established, using little more than Vincent Price’s voice and some red paint on black board. Interestingly, Vincent Price doesn’t feature as heavily as you might think, but his presence alone certainly adds to the paranoia of this film. It is safe to say that this film has dated over its 60 years, with some melodramatic moments coming across as highly comedic: moments that I will definitely be drawing inspiration from. However, on the whole, the film manages to conceit its truth, with its ‘dated moments’ appearing smoothed over within its slow burn reveal of the scientist that has taken science a step too far. Whilst the ultimate reveal may not be considered quite as horrifying now as it once was, images of the scientist covering his face with a towel, disgusted with the truth within are supremely effective in creating an atmosphere of mystery.

Jan 2020 - For anyone interested the music video for Catching Flies can be found here -


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