• Josh Harris

Vice (2018)

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The non linear editing style that has been utilised on a number of occasions works particularly well when dramatic irony is attached, for instance, a moment of realisation when Cheney’s mentor discusses the bombing of Cambodia, seriously tugged at my heartstrings. However, this as a stylistic device was, in my opinion, overused, and the film finds itself cluttered with cutaways that drag you away from the narrative momentum. Basically, a lesson in restraint wouldn’t go amis here, though this is an American characteristic in general and I shouldn’t specifically call out Adam McKay for doing this. There are moments of hilarity as occasional scenes digress from reality, twisting the truth, also acting as a comment on Dick Cheney’s unparalleled secrecy, but always finding itself back on the path that it first exposed. These instances are certainly needed, as McKay has found a way to bring humour to even the darkest of recent American history, without which this film would feel oppressive, following its heartless protagonist.


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